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Preaching in Atlantic Titan

It was a great fortune for the residents of Atlantic Titan on 12th Nov'11,when a team of 14devotees lead by HG Vishnucarana Prabhu of Sri Krishna Mandir,Prabartak Sangha showered their causeless mercy by performing a wonderful Hari naam programme aboard the 3-year old chemical tanker while she was moored at Dolphin Oil Jetty-5,Chittagong.
ISKCON Disciplic Succession
Jaya Tirtha Charan das
In the Brahma Sampradaya, which is the 'sampradaya' of Sri Sripad Madhwacarya, up until Madhwa, I have included in the flow of devotees the lineage accepted by the general Brahma Sampradaya, but after Sripad Madhwacarya there are some changes. The reason for this is that there is no mention of anyone from Brahma, and Narad, to Vyasa, and then to Madhwa. Definately they were the great 'acaryas' in our line, but as well as them there were many worthy souls who gave in many cases their very life to the mission of the 'parampara'.
Bhaktivedanta vedabase
The front door of the Bhaktivedanta Archives flies open, and the blur of a sari swooshes past me heading for Ekanatha Dasa's office. Mamata Devi Dasi slams a transcript on his desk.
"I think I typed this before. It sounds familiar, and I just spent four hours typing it again!"
As it turned out, she was often right. As discreetly as possible, I would extricate myself to tend to a sudden pressing matter in my studio, leaving Ekanatha to quell the fires of frustration.