Our Goals
1. To establish a youth group of spiritually strong students, who are genuine practitioners and representatives of Sanatana Dharma (Krishna consciousness), who will be like beacon lights for guiding the rest of the society in spiritual life.
2. To train students in the philosophy of Krishna consciousness, its universal applicability especially to the present day generation, its profound depth along with logic & reasons.
3. To train students to become preachers of Sanatana Dharma.
4. To develop personality and build up character of youth, to give a real meaning to their lives, to live a God-centred life of purity and dedication with love and trust amongst one another.
5. To identify the talents in youth, and dovetail their talents for the service of God.
6. To render the most noble service of jnana-dana (the gift of knowledge), distributing the sublime message of the Vedas through spiritual book distribution at subsidised prices for youth.
7. To scientifically present Krishna conscious philosophy through all possible mediums of communication — books, notes, video/audio cassettes, OHP presentations, slide shows, dramas, charts, pictures, magazines, etc

IYF News
Iskcon Youth Festival 2009- 2010 held in Chittagong with great enthusiastic manner

On 31st December ISKCON YOUTH FORUM (IYF) Chittagong celebrated ISKCON Youth Festival at Zilla Parishad Milanayatan near Laldighi. Different college and university students attended two Seminars: ‘Six symptoms of Bhakti’ at 10.00 am and ‘Art of Mind Control’ at 4 pm. H.G Anangamohan Das from IYF kolkata presented the seminars. H.H Bhakti Purusottam Swami attended the function to bless the students.

Monthly Quiz Contest
Bhagavad Gita CHAPTER 01 (a) {Text 1-20}
Observing the Armies on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra

1. Why Dhrtarastra had the fear of losing the battle?
a) Because the battle was to take place at dharma-ksetra, which is a place of pilgrimage
b) Because pandavas were virtuous by nature
c) Both a & b
d) None of these

BG 01.01

2. What is the significance of the words dharma-ksetre and kuru-ksetre apart from their historical and Vedic importance?
a) In the field of Kuruksetra the father of religion is Krishna
b) In the field of Kuruksetra unwanted plants like Dhrtarastra’s son Duryodhana and others would be wiped out
c) In the field of Kuruksetra religious persons headed by Yudhisthira would be established by the Lord
d) All of the above

BG 01.01

3. Why Duryodhana pointed out Dronacarya’s mistake in relation to his disciple Dhrstadyumna, the son of Drupada?
a) So that Dronacarya is alert and uncompromising in the fighting
b) So that Dronacarya is not lenient in the battle against Pandavas
c) So that Dronacarya’s such leniency if be any, would lead to defeat of Duryodhana’s party
d) All of the above

BG 01.03

4. On account of the presence of great warriors on Duryodhana’s party like Bhisma and others, what was his conclusion on the result of the battle?
a) He was confident of his victory
b) He was also doubtful of his victory like his father
c) He had no opinion
d) None of these

BG 01.09

5. Duryodhana after praising Bhisma as a far superior general, why asks others to support him?
a) Because he wanted everyone to feel important
b) Because he didn’t wanted anyone to be felt neglected
c) Both a & b
d) None of these

BG 01.11

6. What did actually Bhisma’s loud blowing of conchshell symbolized for Duryodhana?
a) It symbolized of cheering Duryodhana
b) It symbolized that Duryodhana had no chance of victory in the battle
c) It symbolized of definite victory of Duryodhana
d) It had no meaning at all

BG 01.12

7. Wherever Krishna is present, the _____________ is also present.
a) Transcendental conchshell
b) Goddess of fortune
c) Appearance
d) Activity

BG 01.14

8. The chariot on which Arjuna and Krishna were seated was donated by ____________.
a) The fire-god
b) The sun-god
c) Indra
d) Lord Shiva

BG 01.14

9. What are the names of Krishna and Arjuna’s conchshell?
a) Ananta-vijaya and Dhananjaya
b) Sughosa and Manipushpaka
c) Pancajanya and Devadatta
d) None of these

BG 1.15

10. Why the hearts of the sons of Dhrtarastra were shattered by the sound vibrated by the Pandava’s conchshell?
a) Because Pandavs were expert in the art of blowing the conchshell
b) Because Pandavas had full confidence in Krishna, that Krishna would take care of them
c) Both a & b
d) None of these

BG 01.19

11. What was Arjuna’s flag marked with?
a) Fire-god
b) Hanuman
c) Goddess of fortune
d) Sword

BG 01.20

12. Was Arjuna’s chariot bearing the flag also a sign of victory?
a) Yes
b) No

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