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Preaching in Atlantic Titan
The following email was received from Capt. Ram Prasad Prabhu, Atlantic Titan Ship who organized the Preaching program in their ship and the program was conducted by devotees of ISKCON Chittagong. "Hare Krsna,

Please accept my humble obeisances.All glories to Sri Guru & Gauranga.

It was a great fortune for the residents of Atlantic Titan on 12th Nov'11,when a team of 14devotees lead by HG Vishnucarana Prabhu of Sri Krishna Mandir,Prabartak Sangha showered their causeless mercy by performing a wonderful Hari naam programme aboard the 3-year old chemical tanker while she was moored at Dolphin Oil Jetty-5,Chittagong.

The devotees arrived arnd 1520 Hrs or so,but the crew standby at the gate to receive them reported to me that the devotees are not being allowed inside by the security staff ,for not having done the necessary formalities.Immediately I contacted my agent over phone.Unfortunately I was not getting thro and when I got him on the line,one of his staff told me,Capt he is busy,Please call after sometime and before I could say anything,he just kept the phone down.I was feeling guilty for keeping my guests  waiting in the hot sun . When I was thinking this way and praying to the Lord,I got a call from the agent,and he told me,Capt your guests are allowed inside without any problem.I was greatly relieved after hearing from him,and by then I also saw from the ship ,my crew accompanying the devotees to the ship from the main gate. After a small intro,the programme started with  an ecstatic kirtan by HG Lileshwar Pr which really charged the whole atmosphere.The people on board whoever were there slowly started moving in the officers lounge.When this was going on ,after a while we had a special guest-HG Pundarika Govinda Prabhu from Shridham Mayapur who drove straight from the airport alongwith 5 devotees who actually  had come to oversee the new temple project in Chittagong. The kirtans were continued by other devotees ("Sri Krsna caitanya prabhu doya koro more" by HG Radhakanta Krsna Pr was excellent!) ,by which time few more ships staff also joined.

Then the programme cont'd with lecture by HG Vishnucaran Prabhu and nice sharing of KC realizations by the temple devotees.HG Divya Nimai Pr spoke about the mood & mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Upon my request ,HG Pundarika Govinda Pr agreed to share his nectar drops.But he very humbly started his talk by saying "I don't know how to give a lecture,but I'll try to say something".He recollected and shared with us his intimate dealings with Smt Sumati Morarjee(Owner of Scindia Steam Ships) and also with Capt Arun Pandia(Captain of Jaladuta on which Srila Prabhupada travelled to US) during their final days and how much they appreciated the Prabhupada's movement etc.Then further, he also told us about Prison preaching and book distribution techniques he started in Mumbai in the 80's. He is currently the Project Manager of TOVP-Temple of Vedic Planetorium,a 800-crore project under construction in Shridham Mayapur and has been instrumental in designing/construction of many other temple projects.Seeing his simplicity,I was astonished how a person can be so great/knowledgable and yet be humble saying "I don't know how to give a lecture".I hope someday, I'll be able to imbibe an infinitessimal quality of his. When I expressed my desire that before I quit the sea career ,I wish someday my Gurudev HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj comes on board for a Hari naam programme ,he immediately said don't worry, I'll speak to him when I get a chance.I was very much moved by this gesture.That night while sleeping ,I felt as though this past time has already taken place. Ofcourse, I am also nervous thinking Maharaj coming on the ship as I'll not know what to do then.
The real icing on the cake was the climax kirtan by HG Lileshwar Pr again ,where everyone went crazy,it was simply superb !!

All glories to you lileshwar Prabhu.The lord has gifted you with a wonderful voice.

My Russian Chief Mate-Shmelev Evgeny out of curiosity ,every now & then used to peep n see what was going on,especially seeing his Captain jumping-dancing-singing alongwith some saffron clad/clean shaven bright faced monks,I am sure he must be thinking,there is some problem with these guys.

Then HG Sundar Shyam Rupa Pr did the book distribution & japa mala sale also ,I do not know the score.Pr pls updt us in yr mail.

Bh Ananda Pr was the camera man /videographer for the programme.Pr Please let us know the video link once it is posted on the website.

A very special thanks to HG Sundernath Prabhu (from Pune ISKCON,my guide & friend) for helping me in  establishing contact with the temple and without whose help this programme would not have been possible.

I express my indebted gratitude to all those Vaisnavas (some reading this mail also), who are always inspiring /guiding me and showering their blessings.

HG Vishnucarana Prabhu-Many thanks to you and your team for accepting the invitation from an insignificant servant and also for the hospitality during our visit to the temple.During our Hampi trip few months back,HG Govind Prabhu ( Chowpatty temple) mentioned in his Rama Katha that if you love someone,you are not supposed to say "thanks",because by saying so, the very meaning is lost (like after having the meal ,we don't say,mother thanks so much for the food).Its something like that.But, I am such a fool that I do not have any words to express my love for you all.So Please forgive me for the inappropriate words which I must have used while speaking or writing this mail.

Also Please excuse me for not mentioning all the devotees names in this mail.But from the core of my heart, I express my gratitude to each one of them.

The credit for all the arrangements goes to Bh Vijay Shanker Pr and Bh Shahil Pr.Our Ch Cook Mohd Jaheddin rec'd ajnata sukriti by preparing wonderful prasadam for the pleasure of the devotees.

Today on 14th/evening ,during my debriefing to the staff, I told them that these people who came on board are like the Pest control company who fumigate the ship to kill the rodents/pests but with a difference /higher purpose.They kill the most deadly rodentsm lying deep within us in the form of kama,krodha,lobha,moha,madha & matsarya.These cannot be killed by any deadly chemicals or poisonous gas except the transcendental sound vibration.Ofcourse ,this analogy has some limitations.The chemical used to kill cockroach/other rodents is harmful if used excessively /to be used in limited dosage for a short time where as the sublime process of Hare Krsna Mantra chanting when used excessively is extremely beneficial.In due course of time,one begins to experience a Higher Taste in life and ultimately gets connected with the most lovable & attractive person in this entire creation.

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Your humble servant
Ram Prasad

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