Divine Message

His Holyness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

"Accept my blessing.  All glories to Srilla Prabhupada. ISKCON need a huge temple in Chittagong city. At this place, the number of devotees is increasing day by day; as a result place accumulating is not possible. Heartfelt thanks to Prabartak Sangha since they donate this place for temple construction. I request all of the devotees and people of Chittagong for all necessary help to build this temple by donating and serving as per as possible.
I am ensuring that Sri Sri Jaganath and Srilla Prabhupada will bless all."

                                                         For the service of Srilla Prabhupada
                                                           Jayapataka Swami

His Holyness Subhag Swami Maharaj

"Accept my heartfelt blessing. All glories to Srilla Prabhupada. I am very joyful by hearing that a nice temple of Iskcon is constructing in Chittagong.  As a consequence of construction of this temple, it will become the spiritual teaching centre of the people of Chittagong region. Hence I humbly request all for stretching their helping hand to construct the temple."
                                                         Joy Srilla Prabhupada 
                                                              Subhag Swami   

His Holyness Prabhabishnu Swami Maharaj.

"Accept my kind blessing. All glories to Srilla Prabhupada. I have been looking after the preaching activities of Chittagong for long time. For long time I realize that the devotee's society of Chittagong was very eager for constructing this Vedic Temple. I hope that all status people will receive the unlimited mercy doing Bhagabad services by participating in the construction of this transcendental temple."
I hope the success of this activity.

                                                        Srilla Prabhupada's servant
                                                            Prabhabishnu Swami.

His Holyness Bhktibikash Swami Maharaj

"Accept my blessing. All glories to Srilla Prabhupada. I was involved in the preaching activities of Chittagong ISKCON for long time. It's become compulsory to construct a new Temple for the increasing number of devotee in Chittagong. It is possible to get causeless mercy of Lord Jagannath by doing any kind of services in this Temple Construction Project. I request all of them to help in this great activity."

                                                  For the service of Srilla Prabhupada.
                                                            Bhaktibikash Swami.

His Holyness Bhaktipurosotham Swami.

"Accept my heartfelt blessing. All glories to Srilla Prabhupada. I am very joyful that the Temple construction of Sri Radha kunjabihari and Sri Jaganath is going to be start in the charming Chittagong region. At every year I usually visit Chittagong.  If a Temple is construct in this region then the Krishna conscious movement of Chittagong will be accelerated more. By the description of scripture, It is a rare chance of human life to participate in the construction of lord temple and in this way it is possible to achieve absolute destination of life. I wish all of you accept the special mercy of Sri Jagannathdeba by participating in these transcendental services."

                                                  For the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada
                                                        Bhaktipurosotham Swami.



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