Nitya Seva (Daily service towards the Lord)

Do you know, Your earned money can be a source of happiness or sadness in your life? When we engage the supreme personality of Godhead with our family, only then we can realize a spiritual happy family life. In this way, we can use our earned money and hard work to the direct service of the Lord. By engaging the Lord with our Karma Yoga, we can hope to have a sadness free life.
So be a part of Lord Jagannath’s Nittya Seva and glorify your life.

Contact Address :
Nittya Seva Office
Prabartak Sri Krishna Mandir
Prabartak sangha, Chittagong.
Mob : +8801818-097519,
Sri Sri Radha Madhav Mandir
1 no. goli, Nandankanon, Chittagong.
Mob : +8801815-628851

Nitya Seva
Why Give ?

What give ?

There are unlimited ways to contribute to Krishna’s temple. Except for financial support you can give:

• rice, fruits, vegetables, flour, milk
Every day we are cooking many preparations for the deities on the altar. Your help to maintain this high level of worship is very much appreciated.
• flowers for the altar or for the garden
Every day we offer flowers to the deities and decorate the altar with flowers. In the summer we grow our own flowers and during the winter we have to buy them. You can either give flowers for the altar or flower bulbs for the garden.

• outfits and jewelry for the deities
Every visitor of our temple is amazed how beautiful Sri Sri Radha Kunjabihari are decorated. They have ornaments, necklaces, anklebelts and wear the most astounding outfits. Give a nice dress to Krishna!
• pay for a month’s gas- or electricity bill
Help maintain the project on a day-to-day basis.

How Give ?
Every contribution, large or small, makes a difference. Making a donation to ISKCON Korsnäs Gård today is a first step in establishing a special relationship with the temple. Learn about the many ways you can give to Krishna and become part of our growing family of contributors.

Ways to Give:
• Give a monthly or annual donation
• Give for special purposes
• Give practical help
And finally, give while at the temple! While visiting the temple make your donation directly into the donation box located in front of the altar. Coins, bills, and checks are all welcome and appreciated!

Flowers, fruits, etc. can be given directly to our kitchen department or to the priest or placed directly in front of the Deities.

To give something to Krishna is an extremely elevated activity – whether you give some of your time to hear and chant, some of your energy, some of your money or ultimately some of your love. If we give something to Krishna we do not loose anything. In whatever way you give something to him, he will reciprocate in manifold ways. If you can therefore give something to please the Lord, it is also for your own benefit. A devotee offers everything to Krishna – his words, his actions and his thoughts. This is, of course, an elevated platform, but Krishna declares in the Bhagavad-gita that if you cannot do this, then give at least a part of the fruits of your activities and you will gain upliftment to a spiritual platform.
In order to offer Krishna opulent worship, many things are required. Your help is highly appreciated.
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