vrndavana dhame ami vase achi eka
                    e bhavana madhye madhye deya more dekha
                    ache mora stri-putra kanya-nati saba
                    kintu artha nai bali’ biphala vaibhava
                    prakritira nagnarupa dekhale sri Krsna
                    tava krpabale aja hayse vitrsna
                    yasyahamanugrhnami harisye taddhanam sanaih
                    krpamayera ei krpa bujhilama kai?

Translation- My dear Lord Krsna, as I sit here alone in Your holy abode of Vrndavan-dhama, absorbed in the following thoughts and meditations, kindly appear before me. I have a wife ,son, daughter, grandchildren and everything, but since now I am without any wealth, everything is considered a failure. All these so-called opulences are now simply sources of frustration. My dear Lord Sri Krsna! You have so kindly revealed to me the naked form of Your material energy, and today, by Your causeless mercy, I have lost all taste for material enjoyment. As You my Lord stated: yasyaham anugrhnami harisye tad-dhanam sanaih, “If I specially favour anybody, then I take away all his sources of income.” But have I really properly understood how You, the all – merciful Lord, have bestowed these costless mercy upon me

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