‘sambandha’ janiya yeba jivana- yuddha kare
                sei ta’ vanciya thake ara saba mare
                ‘sambandha’ na jani’ yeba an pathe dhaya
                krsnapriti nahi mile vrtha janma yaya
                Krsna se ‘sambandha’ adi bhala kare bujha
                se sambandha rakhi tumi maya sathe yujha
                taha chadi haya yeba jnana- karma- vira
                moska nahi paya tara haya ta’ asthira

Translation- One who knows his sambandha, or constitutional position in relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and engages in that consciousness in the day to day struggle or fight for existence, always survives by the mercy of Lord, while others who have forgotten their eternal relationship with Supreme Person are defeated by death. Moreover, those who are not conscious of their eternal relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, traversing their own independent paths in material life, simply waste their lives because they fail to achieve pure love for Krsna, which is the ultimate purpose of life and the highest perfection.

Now, my friend, try to understand clearly how to act in relationship or sambandha to Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Maintaining that relationship through devotional service, you should declare war and fight with Maya, the material illusory energy. Keeping mind, one who thinks himself a great hero or warrior, due to his accumulation of jnana (material or spiritual knowledge) or karma (material acquisitions and fruitive result) and their by gives up his direct relationship with Supreme Personality of Godhead as well as His shelter, fails to achieve liberation from material birth and death, and his attempts to achieve material happiness simply end in anxious frustration.

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