name-matra mahadhira, sakale asanta
                bhukti-mukti-sidhikamira indriya adanta
                adanta indriya nahe yogabale vasa
                kata muni yogi saba hayeche vivasa
                hrsikesa-seva vina hrsika-damana
                karamera phera saba bhunjaya samana
                yogete indriya-samyama kabhu nahi haya
                agama-purane taha bhuri bhuri kaya

Translation- Those persons who are desirous of material elevation, liberation from birth and death, or the mystic powers of the yogic system are in name only greatly advanced or wise. Actually, because their senses, including the mind, are not under control, they are all unpeaceful and dissatisfied.

The uncontrolled senses cannot be controlled simply by the force of the mystic yoga process. How many great sages and yogis have fallen helpless to the agitation of their senses? Trying to control the senses without engaging them in the service of the Supreme Lord Hrisikesa, the master of the senses, simply leads one upon the path of material fruitive activities, and thus those bewildered souls simply achieve birth and death for all their efforts.

Simply by the practice of the yogic system of meditation, without taking shelter of devotional service, one shall never be able to bring the material senses under complete control. Histories in the Vedic literature, including the Puranas, are filled with proofs of this fact.

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