yogira asane vasechila visvamitra
                janma dila sakuntala sundari pavitra
                eibhave yogabhrasta jnanira ki katha
                karmi saba mudha-jana vyathita sarvatha
                krsna yare krpa kari' upadesa dena
                tini ta arjuna sama bhagyavana hana
                apnara sukha-lagi yeba yuddha kare
                durjodhaner mato se savamsete mare

Translation- Visvamitra, the great yogi, sat upon his asana (seat) in yogic meditation, but was distracted by desires for sense gratification when the heavenly society girl Menaka appeared before him. As a result, he left his meditation and fathered the beautiful and pure Sakuntala.

This is the example of yogis who practice the mystic yoga system, so what to speak of jnanis, those who practice the self-realization process of mental speculation, which is inferior to the path of yoga? There is no possibility of their completely controlling the senses.

As far as the karmis, or fruitive workers, are concerned their success is out of question, since they are foolishly absorbed in material activities and are always separate from the transcendental process of self realization.

Anyone who receive the instruction of Lord Sri Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, by His causeless mercy, and who follows them in his life is certainly as fortunate as Arjuna and therefore will achieve all success in life and return back to Godhead.

On the other hand, those who are motivated with desires for material happiness and thus engage in the battle of the hard struggle for existence neglect the transcendental path to Lord.They can be compared to the King Duryodhana, and as he did, in spite of their best efforts, they shall perish along with all their family members.

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