Sajila arjuna yena mayabaddha nara
                    mohitera nyaya haila pandava-sodara
                    atmiya-svajana himsa, pare rajya-bhoga
                    ithe kiba sukha--partha dekhaila soka
                    seita’ `dehatma buddhi’ atmiya-jnana ka’re
                    ksatriya haiya snehe yaddhaksetra chade
                    moha dhekhi’ krsna tan’ra karila nindana
                    ataeva arjuna kaila sishyatva grahana

Translation- Lord Krsna made Arjuna appear as if he were a materially conditioned man. Under illusion, Arjuna, the brother of Pandavas, expressed his sorrow and grief, saying, “What kind of happiness can be gotten from being envious and violent against one’s own relatives and friends, and after killing them trying to enjoy ruling the kingdom?”

Arjuna was demonstrating dehatma-buddhi,or the consciousness of bodily identification, by thinking that the familial ties of his material body were in fact related to him. Therefore, even though he was a ksatriya, or warrior, by caste and profession, he was abandoning the battlefield, being overwhelmed by material affection and sentiment.

Seeing Arjuna’s illusion, Lord Krsna mercifully criticized him. Thereafter, Arjuna accepted the position of being the disciple of Lord Krsna.

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