`nirdvandva’ vaisnava sudhu japa kare mala
                     balaye eirupa ya’ra khaya mankala
                     vaisnava niriha, akrtadroha, haita’ svabhave
                     kintu nahe hinavirya yatha loka bhave
                     bharatera dui yuddhe dui mahasaya
                     vaisnavera agrani tara karila vijaya
                     nijendriya triptivanchaya yuddha nahi kare
                     vaisnava baliya tai vidita samsare

Translation- Those who say that in order for one to be a pure unadulterated Vaisnava devotee of the Lord one must not do anything except chant silently Hare Krsna japa on his meditational beads, are foolishly bewildered by their own mental concoctions.

A Vaisnava is certainly meek, unoffensive, and without malice to others as his natural quality, but this does not mean that the Vaisnava devotee of the Lord is without courage or strength, as common people may think.

On this planet of Bharata there were two great wars which were fought during the presence of two incarnations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. These wars had two Vaisnavas, pure devotees of the Lord, fighting as the commander in chief of an army, and these devotees of the Lord were victiorious. (Hanuman fought for Lord Ramacandra, and Arjuna fought for Lord Krsna.)

These two pure devotees of the Lord did not fight in these wars out of a desire for enjoying sense gratification for themselves. Rather, they acted out of a pure desire to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore, they are renowned as great pure devotees throughout the entire material world.

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