bhakti ahaituki haya svaprakasita
                    nityasiddha vastu kintu ache avarita
                    madhyama-adhikari-vaisnava krpa ta'kariya
                    avaisnava kare krpa bhakti jagaiya
                    vaisnavera vasa hana svayam bhagavana
                    vaisnavera krpaya mugdha haya aguyana
                    vaisnava jagate pare ghumanta jagat
                    tanrai krpaya haya papira bhakata

Translation- Causeless, spontaneous, pure devotional service to Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, self manifests naturally in due course. However, the confidential transcendental characteristics of eternal perfection remain covered.

A madhaym-adhikari Vaisnava, or a devotee acting on the intermediate level of devotional service, out of their causeless mercy show compassion upon the fallen non-devotees and awaken in their hearts the dormant devotion of Lord Krsna.

Lord Sri Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, becomes controlled by the love of His pure devotees. The Lord Himself becomes even more enchanted by His devotee’s wonderful qualities of transcendental mercy and compassion towards the fallen souls.

A real Vaisnava devotee of the Lord is able to spiritually awaken the sleeping world of conditioned souls. By the causeless mercy of these pure devotees a sinful man is transformed into a devotee of the Lord.

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