Arthahina dekhi’ more chedeche sabai
                kutumba- atmiya ara bandhujana bhai
                dukkha haya hasi paya, eka vasi hasi
                mayara samsara ei kake bhalavasi
                kotha gela mata-pita ara snehamaya
                kotha gela jyestha yarasvajanadi haya
                tadera khabara keba debe more bala
                name matra tadera samsara roye gela

Translation- Seeing that I have no money, everyone has left me, including all my family members, relatives, close friends & brothers! However, although I am supposed to be unhappy, actually I am laughing. Indeed, sitting here alone in the Holy abode of Vrndavan I am laughing in great happiness! Who in this material life of so-called family, friendship, and love can be said to really love another? Where are my affectionate mother & father now? Where are the other near & dear ones? Where have all the elder relatives & close family members gone? Tell me! Who is there who can give me information about their whereabouts today? What is left of their dear “family” at present? Now it exists in name only.

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