Verse 20

                    ataeva tanra nahe 'nirjana-bhajana'
                    kanistha-adhikare ei jagat-vancana
                    bada bada namajada vaisnava-sajjaya
                    padri saheb asi' mile saba taya
                    punchila sri krsnalila Vrndavana-majha
                    na bhujala ta're tattva vaisnava-samaja
                    kanistha-adhikari saba sastra nahi bhujhe
                    nirjane bhajanae sudhu ruti-cana khunje

Translation- Therefore the real devotees of the Lord do not perform the so-called solitary worship of the Lord but always stay active in the sankirtan movement of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. It is a cheating process of the kanistha adhikari- the neophyte or materialistic devotees of the Lord- to fool the world into believing that they are exalted devotees of the Lord. They present themselves as great famous devotees of the Lord and decorate themselves with all the necessary trappings and paraphernalia to look like a big devotee.

But what do they do when the “Father” Christian missionary comes to the land of Krsna and visits with all the people, and asks what are the pastimes of Lord Krsna performed in the sacred land of Vrndavan? Because the society of neophytes did not explain the real nature of Lord Krsna to this “Father”, he gets the wrong understanding due to his poor fund of knowledge, and thus engages in blasphemy to the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna.

Actually these neophyte kanistha adhikari devotees of the Lord don’t understand the conclusions of the revealed scriptures at all. For one engaged in their so-called renunciation, to perform some “advanced private worship ,”all their activities reveal is a day today struggle for finding some capatis and dahl (bread and soup), and nothing more.

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