samudrera phena yena ksane srsti ksane laya
                mayara samsare khela seibhave haya
                keha nahe pita-mata atmiya – svajana
                sabai phenara mato thake alpaksana
                samudrera phena yemana samudre misaya
                panchabhutera deha tatha haye yaya laya
                kata deha eibhave dharaye sariri
                anitya sarire matra atmiya tahari

Translation- Ocean foam is created in an instant by the action of the waves. Just as abruptly the foam is also disintegrated after a momentary existence. The “game” of illusory material family life & its affairs is like that ; suddenly beginning & then terminating after a short existence. In truth no one can actually be said to be a “father”, “mother”. “relative”, or dear “friend”, since everyone remains, as do the bubbles of foam in the ocean, for just a very short period of time.
As ocean foam finally merges back into the ocean water from where it came, similarly material bodies, which are temporary products of the material energy made of the five gross materials (earth, water, fire, air and sky), are also eventually destroyed by the action of the material energy and finally the elements of the dead body merge again with the total material elements. The temporary material body is certainly not the real person, nor even alive.
There is a living Spiritual force present in the body that is not the body,but which makes the body "ALIVE".That living force is the real self, the external spirit soul, which for the short period of one life temporarily possesses a particular material body, then leaves that body at "death" and enters into a new body and is born again,repeating the whole cycle.Repeating this cycle of birth & death again & again ,how many innumerable different bodies have been accepted by each eternal spirit soul?Therefore, all the so-called family relatives & friends have no actual relation with the eternal self, the spirit soul,but really they are only "relatives" of the temporary material body.

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