atmiya sabai bhai, atmara sambandhe
                atmiyata nahi haya maya maya gandhe
                sakalera atma yini svayam bhagavana
                tanhara sambandhe visve sabai samana
                atmaya tomara bhai, yata jivakoti
                krsnera sambandhe taha haya paripati
                krsna bhuli sei jiva bhogavancha kare
                mayara samsara tai japatia dhare

Translation- In relation to the eternal self or spirit soul, every living entity is a relative to each other. Indeed, all are brothers! And in this real and eternal relationship there is not even the slightest hint or trace of material illusion. The Soul of all souls is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krsna. And in relation to him everyone in the universe is equal.
It is clear that all the countless millions of individual souls (Jivas) present in all types of material bodies are related to one another as “brothers”, since everyone is forever and eternal part and parcel of the Supreme Lord Krsna. However, due to being overcome by desires for enjoying this material energy, the eternal living entity forgets the Supreme Lord Krsna, his eternal Master and lives His divine service, `krsna bhuli sei jiva` bhogavancha kare.
Having forgotten his eternal relationship with Lord Krsna, the fallen soul becomes conditioned and firmly bound by the material nature’s illusion, and thus falsely considers this material existence of temporary family relations, friendship, and so called love to be real.
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