batula kahaye--- “setha saba nirakara”
                nirvisea tini yena sunyera prakara
                rasera bhandari tini ”raso vai sah”
                rasika bhavuka seve hai tanra vasa
                santa, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya rasa ara
                sarvarsa srestha madhurya rasa sara
                cid- jagate ’rasa’ saba haya upadeya
                mayate tara chayamatra kintu saba heya

Translation- The undeveloped intelligence of immature philosophers considers the Supreme Absolute Truth to be impersonal and devoid of qualities. Such foolish philosophers do not know that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the store house of all transcendental mellows. The Vedic literatures emphatically describe the Supreme Absolute Truth as raso vai sah, the source of all transcendental qualities, characteristics and nectarean mellows of pure spiritual pleasures. Far from being impersonal, the Supreme Personality of Godhead is in fact the reservoir of transcendental rasa, or ecstatic mellow of personal loving exchanges.

The pure devotees who serve the Lord in the different ecstatic mellows of devotional service are completely under the shelter of Supreme Personality of Godhead. There in the spiritual world the pure devotees are engaged in the Lord’s loving devotional servicing transcendental mellows starting from neutrality (santa-rasa), servitude (dasya-rasa), friendship (sakhya- rasa), paternal affection(vatsalya)and the top most of all transcendental of loving exchange, conjugal love (madhurya-rasa),which contains all the essential characteristics of the other transcendental relationships.

The ecstatic mellows or loving exchanges existing in the spiritual world are all super-excellent and superb. This material world is expanded from the spiritual world, but is merely the shadow of that original spiritual world. All the eternal relationships that exist in the spiritual world are also rrepresented in these material world in a limited or perverted way, just as the shadow of a real object has the complete outline of the object’s form, but doesn’t have the full detail and variety of the original.
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